Thursday, January 12, 2012


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Hey boys,  here are 13 signs that your sweetheart is cheating on you.

She’s getting colder and colder on you as days go by.

She loses her cool and shouts at you, even if you’re in a public place, over every mistake you make no matter how negligible.

Whether you ask for it or try to get it from her belongings without her knowledge, she gets mad as hell and refuses to give you her mobile phone.

If you’re together, she moves away from you to answer a call.

She replies to, or sends, a text message without telling you the sender or the recipient, and gets angry when you ask who the person is.

She turns off her mobile phone more often than before when you’re not together.

She has bought a second mobile phone and has not informed you about it.

She comes up with all reasons just to avoid going on a date with you and demands instead that you take her home immediately. In some cases, she’ll set a time which will be difficult for you to meet and threaten to go home alone if you’ll be late.

She starts going out with friends without your prior knowledge or permission. And if she does inform you, she wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer or would not run out of reasons why you can’t tag along.

She starts entertaining calls from, and allows home visits by, a guy she has never told you about, without your knowledge. When you find out about it and confront her, she’ll be angrier than you and insist that he’s just a friend.

She begins disregarding what you like about her, like hairstyle and choice of clothes, and begins trying out something new without any convincing reason.

She starts comparing you with a particular guy. In some cases, she’ll argue with you and defend the guy to the max in case you criticize him, even if the two of you will end up in a violent quarrel.

She’s bored to death when you’re at her place, but suddenly jumps back to life after receiving a phone call or text or a visitor she never informed you about.

Once you notice even one or two of these signs, boys, watch out. Better yet, confront your girlfriend and break up with her immediately if she can’t give a satisfactory explanation. 30