Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hey girls, here’s how you can tell if your boyfriend really loves you. Guys, you can pass this to your daughters, sisters, relatives and friends.

Your boyfriend really loves you if:

He continues to be as caring and concerned as the day he started courting you.

If he wants a date but you have to finish something for the office or for school, he won’t insist and will instead volunteer to help in any way he could.

Even if the two of you haven’t gone out for quite sometime.

Whenever you have a problem, at home or at the office, HE DOESN’T DISAPPEAR and is with you ALL THE WAY until it is solved.

He is as worried as you if there is a sick or problematic member of your family.

Not just verbally but through action, like accompanying you and the sick to the doctor or in helping you think of and finding solutions to then problem.

Unless he’ll be tied down to work or other circumstances beyond his control, he sees to it that he brings you home nightly, especially if the  weather’s terrible or  you’ll finish late at school or at work.

He is as sweet as ever with you.

He still opens doors for you, pulls your chair whenever you dine out, goes out of the car or the cab first and takes your hand as you follow and patiently waits for you and doesn’t eat ahead if \you arrive late at your date,

He calls or gets in touch with you as often as usual if he's on an out-of-town assignment.

He speaks his mind out when he thinks you’re wrong, not just about your relationship but with anything else. This means he really loves you because he wants you to be a better person.

And he never humiliates you in front of anybody whenever you’re at fault.  

Most of all, as the message of an old song goes, he loves you for what you are, not for what he intends or hopes you to be.  30

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