Friday, October 14, 2011


One of the most commonly overlooked roots of unreasonable jealousy is INSECURITY.

Jealousy strikes when one of the partners feels inferior to another person whom his or her lover deals or socializes with even once in a while.

To minimize, if not remove, insecurity, here’s what you can do:

Always look your best when you’re with your sweetheart. And I mean from head to foot. Spend on your barber or hairdresser, beauty parlor and dermatologist.

It’s perfectly alright to buy new clothes or shoes once in a while.

Don’t be shy to consult your sweetheart if he or she likes it. It’s the best and simplest way for you to be sure he or she will find you attractive in it.

Comments and suggestions from friends and family members can also help.

Always smell your best. Personal hygiene, a visit to your dentist and even a simple perfume or cologne will help a lot.

But KEEP IN MIND that it’s NOT JUST THE LOOKS that matters.

No matter how busy you are, NEVER STOP LEARNING. Whenever you can, read on topics or issues you know nothing of, especially if it’s the interest of your sweetheart or related to his or her profession.

Be up-to-date on current events. So that your lover will never be bored talking to you.

Instead, your sweetheart will be proud and confident to bring you anywhere and introduce you to anybody. He or she knows you won’t be out of place in any discussion or situation.

But never forget to observe good manners and always behave properly, whether it’s just your lover and you or you’re with other people.

Good breeding is one of the traits which readily attract anyone to a member of the opposite sex.

And most all, keep in mind that YOU’RE THE SWEETHEART, NOT THE OTHER PERSON. You’re lover chose you among the rest.

How to keep him or her is up to you. 30

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